Bushmans Quiver African Safari

What Sets Us Apart?



BONAFIDE TESTIMONIALS:  Our website contains testimonials from existing clients that speak to the quality of the safari experience we provide.  This is public knowledge; we don’t make up a list of referrals and provide them to prospective clients hoping you won’t bother to contact them.  Rather, we invite you to explore this part of our website and make personal contact with the individuals quoted there.

NO HIDDEN COSTS:  We are committed to the concept of “no hidden costs”.  Once you request a price quote from us we supply you the information you have asked for in the clearest manner we know how and we stand by that price quote for a number of days.  Once you are satisfied with your price quote we convert that information into a set of “safari documents” that details what you are receiving for the price quoted to you.  You are under no obligation to sign anything, or to make a deposit of any kind, until you see your sample safari documents, are happy with them, and agree to sign them.  From that point forward, we will not expect any further monies from you other than the price that appears on your safari documents, unless (upon your sole election) you subsequently decide to modify the documents and elect to incur additional costs for products or services not originally contracted for.  In an industry where costs are sometimes unknown and unpredictable, this gives you peace of mind that you are not going to be saddled with any additional costs for our services other than the total dollar figure that appears in your safari documents.

CORE VALUES:  We operate our outfitting business committed to a set of core values which we publish on our website.  These core values guide our daily activities and keep us focused on what we feel is important in interacting amongst ourselves and with clients.  Do other outfitters have a set of core values?  Do they think enough of those core values to publish them on their website?  Here are ours: Honesty – Integrity – Service – Hospitality – Conservation of Wildlife – Ethical Hunting – Family Values – Continuous Improvement (see more detailed information where they appear on our website.)

QUALITY:   The word “quality” is in our name.  We are dedicated to providing a consistent quality safari experience that provides the safari enthusiast real value for their money.  We are never going to be the cheapest African outfitter where costs and quality are cut at the same time leaving you, the safari enthusiast, feeling less than fulfilled.  Likewise, we are not going to be the most expensive outfitter charging you a high price for luxuries and frivolities not consistent with the traditional safari experience.  We operate on narrow margins that keep us profitable, and keep our clients satisfied at a very high level.  For clients that can assemble larger parties of hunters, where those hunters (collectively) want to harvest a sizable number of animals, and where the safari is of substantial length, we can sometimes reduce our margins on the promise of additional volume making up the difference.  Thus, we will offer these safaris at rates reduced from our Standard Price List.  We are often asked to cut prices to meet the quotes of other outfitters, however we offer the best prices consistent with our quality goals “right out of the gate.” If we have to cut prices to meet another outfitter’s price quote then we would necessarily have to cut a compensatory amount of quality, and this is something we will not do.  If we did, the client wouldn’t be happy and neither would we.

A WEBSITE THAT SERVES THE INDUSTRY:  The websites of most outfitters are designed specifically to sell their services to the public.  There is nothing inherently wrong with that, in fact we hope to do the same thing.  However, we have designed and constructed our website to perform three distinct functions: to inform, to educate, and only then to recruit.  Thus, our website’s first function is to inform the client of who we are and what we stand for (e.g. our Core Values).  Secondly, we focus on educating the public as to what to expect on safari (e.g. our Articles Section, our Reading & Viewing List, and our BQ Handbook planning tool, all found on our website.  The latter is a six-month planning document that will assist safari enthusiasts with planning their safari irrespective of which outfitter they might choose).   We thus rely on this approach to professionalism in hopes of recruiting you to book your safari with us.

SAFETY:  We address the issue of Health & Safety on our website. Many outfitters make no mention of this important topic on their website, in their literature, or even in their direct interactions with clients. Our Professional Hunters have all passed a first-aid certification course offered by the South African Red Cross. We have medical kits in all our vehicles and in our base camps. We have a safety presentation before clients experience their first day in the bush. Should the need arise, the large majority of our hunting concessions are within a reasonable drive to professional medical care by vehicle or air taxi.

BIG 5 DVDs:  For any client hunting the Big 5 (lion, leopard, elephant, cape buffalo, or rhino) we want that client to be prepared and know what to expect in advance of the first day of their safari.  Therefore, we provide that client (free of charge) an informative DVD on hunting the animal of their choice.  Thus, when that client gets to base camp they are already somewhat familiar with that animal’s behavior, temperament, the challenge of finding and bagging the animal, and shot placement, etc.  (Note that specific rhino DVDs may not be available.  If not available, Bushmans Quiver will provide an appropriate DVD of its choosing that will aid toward preparation.)