Keith Dix

Keith Dix - golden wildebeest - bushmans quiver quality african safaris
Keith Dix - black impala - bushmans quiver quality african safaris
This was my third consecutive safari with Bushmans Quiver. The first one was several years ago with my wife accompanying me. The second was a bit later when I wanted my son to share in this fantastic experience. And then in March 2018 I returned alone to try some of the species I had not previously taken. On this trip I harvested a tsessebe, a lechwe and the coveted golden wildebeest and black impala.

Having been to multiple hunting concessions I can attest to the fact that they have a great variety of places and environs to hunt. All of these locations are beautiful, comfortable and authentic to the South African hunting charm. The Professional Hunters they employ are incredible and make both the novice and experienced hunter both feel at home in the bush and around the boma fire in the evenings. Bushmans Quiver receives my highest recommendation and will continue to be my preferred outfitter for further hunting safaris to South Africa!

Keith Dix
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Arden and Gail Hess

Arden Hess
Reflecting on the adventure we experienced on safari with Bushmans Quiver, I am amazed at all we accomplished in the 14 days we were in South Africa. The excitement and anticipation really began with our initial planning efforts—so much to consider in selecting the gear, identifying the animals we wanted, and making decisions about taxidermy, but all very intriguing and fun. Bushmans Quiver was always there to answer all of my questions right down to helping me better prepare with my accuracy when shooting. As we prepared for our trip, the excitement kept building and building until the day arrived and we were on our way to Africa!

Upon arrival we were greeted by what we now refer to as our best friends: the Bushmans Quiver staff. Our first accommodations were at the Karoi Bush Camp where the setting brought all of Africa’s beauty into a lush mountain valley with a pond off the porch of each bungalow, a lodge for communal gathering, dining and a large fire pit area to relax and reminisce about the day’s activities. We also stayed at the Karoi Main Lodge which has a feeling of expansiveness and reflects the grandeur of Africa and all its beauty. We were truly spoiled and our expectations were far exceeded.

Now the really fun stuff: Hunting!! Each of us had our own professional hunter (PH), tracker, and skinner. Now, imagine being with someone who can see, hear, smell, track and locate your game in a way that you will never understand until you are there. These professionals are truly “world class.” In instance after instance, we saw animals we thought were true trophies only to be told by our assigned PH that they could find something better for us, and in fact they did! The game we harvested is exceptional in all aspects. My wife, Gail, accompanied me as an observer and was very much impressed by the experience of being in Africa and by the hospitality offered by Bushmans Quiver. As I am back home now I still relive all the emotions, adrenaline surge, and excitement of each hunting experience.
We will be back under the African skies with Bushmans Quiver soon.

Arden and Gail Hess

Ron Garbett

Ron Garbett

My good friend and hunting partner, Arden Hess, and I were on safari for 14 days in South Africa with Bushmans Quiver. I had a wonderful experience. We hunted out of 3 different lodges: the Karoi Base camp and Karoi Bush Camp in the Limpopo Province as well as another lodge in The Free State. Each one was unique and pleasant. I thoroughly enjoyed the food served at each location; the cooks, wait staff, and daily room service were much appreciated. The guides and trackers were great (the best) and they took good care of the animals we harvested. One afternoon we took a break from the hunting and had quite an experience interacting with the wild elephants at a local elephant preserve, including the chance to ride one of these magnificent animals. Each day was special and unique; we saw lots of impressive animals and the country was beautiful. The 14 days just went by much too fast. I was very satisfied with the value of my safari package. I compared it against several domestic hunting opportunities available to me and found that this African experience compared very favorably with what was available to me stateside.

Ron Garbett

Kevin and Roberta McCormack

mccormacks golden wildebeestmaccormacks gemsbuck - bushmans quiver quality african safaris

Our 17-day safari in South African with Bushmans Quiver was the experience of a lifetime! In those 17 days we took a total of 15 trophy animals with each individual specimen being spectacular. The days in the bush just flowed by. So much to see. Such beautiful scenery and animals.

We loved being in the Karoi Bush Camp. Being immersed in the African bush with all the comforts of home was something truly unique. The open-air dining was exhilarating, and the food was plentiful and delicious. The surprise birthday party was a real treat. Thanks so much for remembering our special day.

My experience was so spectacular that I booked an elephant/hippo hunt with Bushmans Quiver for 2019. I’ll be hunting for 21 days on this excursion and bringing my nephew and his wife along with me for the first 7 days because I want them to experience the scenery and different trophy species of The Free State, like I did. They will also enjoy a photographic safari in Kruger National Park. After the first 7-days they will be on their way back to the US, and my exciting elephant/hippo safari will begin. I have heard quite a bit about how exciting a dry land hippo hunt can be and can hardly wait to experience it first-hand. The elephant hunt will take place in either South Africa or Zimbabwe. So nice to have something to dream about until I can make it a reality with Bushmans Quiver.

Kevin and Roberta McCormack

Pastor David Pittman

David Pittman - Bushmans Quiver Quality African Safaris

Being on safari with Bushmans Quiver Quality African Safaris was an incredible, life changing experience for me. It has always been a life-long dream to be on safari in South Africa. Through a series of events over the last few months, including the loss of my dear wife and best-friend of 43 years, I found myself being gifted the opportunity to go on a 10-day safari with Bushmans Quiver for some relaxation time and hunting. I am so grateful for the kindness of my church, friends, and family that made this safari possible. It was evident, from the moment we landed in Johannesburg, that we were going to be well treated. The Bushmans Quiver Team facilitated the processing of our rifles with ease, and we were quickly on the way to our first night in the Karoi Bush Camp.

The first meal around the dinner table that evening got me so excited for this adventure; meeting the other clients in camp and hearing their plans for this safari, meeting the PH’s, and other staff members, I just knew I was in store for a wonderful time. The next morning I was eager to get to the rifle range. Many years had passed since I was last able to hunt, so I appreciated the patient instruction and diligent time that was given me at the range.

Over the next few days, under the careful guidance of my PH, Sampie, I was able to stalk within shooting range of a blue wildebeest, impala, and a beautiful old kudu bull. I was able to take many nice trophies and developed complete confidence in Sampie to put me on the best specimens for the species I wanted. You cannot go wrong in placing your confidence in your PH. Reliving each of these experiences (as well as others) as I write this makes me thankful for this wonderful gift, and makes me wonder why I postponed my dream for so long.

The accommodations were very comfortable and cleaned every day. Oh, and having the daily laundry service was a great blessing and convenience; you don’t need nearly the amount of clothes one might think when this level of service is available. The food was simply delicious! Each evening we were able to enjoy select cuts from the game animals we harvested each day: zebra, wildebeest, springbuck, giraffe, gemsbuck, and cape buffalo —— it was all quite good and expertly prepared. And the desserts were excellent too!

I thoroughly enjoyed the relaxation time in camp around the fire with the other hunters and the wonderful hospitality of the Bushmans Quiver staff. It was great to hear the stories of the day from each hunter, and then anticipate the exciting adventures that were sure to unfold for the following day.

In closing, I would say that the atmosphere at Bushmans Quiver Quality African Safaris is both professional and personal. Stephan has a wonderful team of service oriented people all around. And, now I have new friends and family in South Africa! Thank you to Bushmans Quiver, for making my dreams become a reality. “Dream It. Hunt It. With Bushmans Quiver.”

Until next time…

Pastor David Pittman

Keith & Shane Dix

Keith Dix and son shane

This was my second safari with Bushmans Quiver and I loved the experience as much as the first. Bushmans Quiver’s strongest asset is its people. Every person with this company is nothing short of outstanding. When I depart South Africa I always feel I am leaving friends behind.

The trophies I hunted were exactly what I had hoped for and fine representations of their respective species. They are all going to make excellent additions to the specimens I harvested on my first safari. I have stayed at a number of camps with Bushmans Quiver and all of them are clean, comfortable, and well-served. Thanks Bushmans Quiver for another wonderful safari experience!

Keith Dix
+966-54-358-8252 Saudi Arabia

Jeff & Angie Birmingham

jeff and amy birmingham

Our safari with Bushmans Quiver was perfect in every way. The accommodations, hospitality, food, the quantity & quality of the game animals, field care of our trophies, scenery, PH knowledge & effectiveness, etc were amazing. We will return once again on safari in Africa and our outfitter of choice will be Bushmans Quiver.

Jeff & Angie Birmingham

Dr. Greg Bauer & Family

greg bauer and family

Our family just completed a fantastic plains game safari with Stephan and his staff at Bushmans Quiver. We hunted out of the new Bush Camp at Karoi in the Limpopo Province as well as The Free State. Stephan and his other PHs, FC and Sampie, were wonderful with my wife and children. We had tremendous hunting success, but more importantly a fantastic family experience. This was my fifth African safari; I would recommend Bushmans Quiver without any reservations.

Dr. Greg Bauer & Family

Scott & Deanna Stafford

Staffords - Bushmans Quiver Quality African Safaris

Our life-long dream was to be on safari in Africa one day; we could only envision what it would be like, but we had pretty high expectations. Suffice it to say, Bushmans Quiver far surpassed our expectations. The quality of the animals was amazing, but the quality of the Bushmans Quiver staff was even higher. FC, Sampie, Dannie, Jothum, were all very knowledgeable and full of good humor each day.

Stephan has a first-rate operation and we can hardly wait to return. Every aspect of our safari was simply wonderful.

Scott & Deanna Stafford

Erik Lacy

Erik Lacy - bushmans quiver quality african safaris

My safari with Bushmans Quiver in the accompaniment of my friend Dr. Mark Wilson was wonderful trip and I have definite plans to come back in 2019. The new Karoi Bush Camp is very nice. The chalets are modern, clean and tidy, and the bed oh so comfortable after long days in the bush. The setting was very nice. The evening meals included the game we shot; the meals were very tasty and we lacked for nothing. The covered outdoor dining experience in such a spectacular setting was top notch. I was well taken care of at all times and just immersed myself in the South African hospitality.

The quality of the animals we hunted was exceptional and there were plenty to choose from. I marveled at the ability of my PH and assigned tracker to spot game in the distance and in some of the thick bushy areas where they often hide. All my trophies were handled with care and professionalism.

Our hunting vehicle was comfortable and perfectly suited to our daily hunting activities. Sitting in the comfortable seats in the open bed of the vehicle was enjoyable because there was so much nice scenery to view while we were hunting.

Unquestionably, it was the hunting that was the most satisfying. I take my hunting seriously and expect to spend the time necessary to have a quality experience and ensure (as much as possible) a high degree of success. My PH spent all the time necessary in the bush to meet my expectations and was not averse to hunting from dawn to dusk. I appreciate and respect that level of commitment.

At the end of my safari I boarded the plane for the return trip to Texas feeling I had made friends for a lifetime. Based upon my personal experience, I can recommend Bushmans Quiver African Safaris to other hunters without reservation. Looking forward to my return in 2019.

Erik Lacy

Dr. Mark Wilson & Family

dr mark wilson 2 - bushamns quiver quality african safaris
dr mark wilson family - bushamns quiver quality african safaris
dr mark Wilson and family 1 - bushmans quiver quality african safaris

About Our 2017 Safari Experience:

This was my second safari with Bushmans Quiver, which is a testament to the faith and trust that I place in Stephan and his team for meeting our safari expectations. On this trip both my best friend, as well as my father-in-law, accompanied me on safari. My friend hunted with FC, my father-in-law hunted with Sampie, and I hunted with Stephan. Over the course of my two safaris I have had the pleasure and privilege of hunting with all 3 of these PH’s and can say without reservation that each of them is at the top of his game when it comes to professionalism. Each of the trackers, Pungi, Sello, and Johtum assigned to us on this safari are all excellent and great companions in the bush.

On this safari we operated out of the new Karoi Bush Camp, which was a lovely experience. Each of the bush chalets have all the amenities, are soundly constructed and very clean. Each of us had our own chalet. The setting is pure “African Bush”, and we loved it. From this camp we would sally forth each day in pursuit of our desired game animals. The mornings were spent surveying the expansive game herds, trying to find the best specimen; the scenery was just as spectacular as the animals themselves. The hunting vehicles are all professionally set up with rifle racks, padded shooting platforms (if needed) and comfortable seats for each hunter. Around noon we returned to the bush camp for a relaxing lunch and some idle time to chat about the morning’s adventure, read a book, or take a quiet nap. Then, in the afternoon after the animals began to stir once more, we would head out again in pursuit of our quarry. What a nice mix of hunting and relaxation!

In the evenings, once the sun had set and the shooting light had faded, we enjoyed the ride back to our bush camp with heightened expectations about the evening meal. Drinks around the boma fire before and after dinner made a perfect ending to a perfect day.

We also journeyed to the Free State Province in pursuit of black wildebeest and springbok. This terrain is much more open and gives a heightened sense of expansiveness compared to the Northern Bushveld where the Karoi Bush Camp is located. The lodge and hospitality there was comparable to the Bush Camp in every way.

We hunted with our own rifles, and other than the bit of paperwork required for the temporary importation of our firearms, we had no troubles whatsoever. The service we received during the importation process was flawless.

All of us were made to feel completely at home, and we all feel a part of the Bushmans Quiver family now. Looking forward to seeing members of the Bushmans Quiver crew upon their annual return to Texas in August for the beginning of their marketing season.

About Our 2016 Safari Experience:

I met Stephan, his wife Nakkie, and their daughters Marne and Anja at one of the Texas Trophy Hunters venues here in Texas in 2015. My wife and kids really enjoyed getting to know this family during this encounter, and I was completely comfortable and confident with Stephan. Believe me, I know how difficult it can be to sort through hundreds of prospective outfitters at big marketing shows like (SCI) Safari Club International and (DSC)Dallas Safari Club, etc. It can be overwhelming and exasperating trying to decide which outfitter is most suited to delivering the quality experience one expects for the investment of time and money. The fact that Bushmans Quiver operates in accordance with a set of Core Values (see “About Us” section on website) really made a difference to us, and during our initial visit with Stephan and his family we developed a strong sense of trust that made our decision much easier. Thus, we booked our safari for July of 2016.

During the planning phase that evolved over the next 11 months everything went very smoothly; the level of communication was great, and we used the BQ Handbook published on the website as a valuable planning guide to keep us on tract. We arrived at the airport feeling fully prepared for our exciting adventure. We hunted for 8 days with all family members participating and brought home 12 wonderful trophies. It would take up too much space to describe all the fantastic experiences we had, but there is one of particular note, which I will mention below.

My 10-year old daughter initially had no interest in hunting at all, and was a bit timid about firing a rifle other than the previous plinking she had done with a .22. However, after days in the bush seeing all the wonderful animals and being personally involved with her brother in his spotting and stalking an impala her level of interest began to rise. Stephan encouraged and coached her to give it a try, spending time with her handling and sighting a .270 at the rifle range. With his calm and steady guidance she was soon shooting comfortably and accurately. A bit later she was able to harvest an ostrich with one well-placed shot at 120 yards. This was a very proud moment in her life as well as the rest of the family. Besides many fine moments and other impressive trophies, that one ostrich will never be forgotten! Without her knowing, we had the skin made into a beautiful backpack, which she will receive as a birthday present in just a few days from now.

The remaining days on safari just went by much to fast, and waiting for the plane at the airport in Johannesburg we were already planning our next safari with Bushmans Quiver. Thank you Stephan, your wonderful family, and all of your team for making our safari so special and unforgettable.

Dr. Mark Wilson & Family

Jim and Kim Reed

Jim and Kim Reed - Bushmans Quiver Quality African Safaris - africa hunting

Though not a hunter myself, I have accompanied my husband in the field on many big game hunts in quite a few different geographical locations. Without question, this safari with Bushmans Quiver has been the best experience ever. Every aspect of our safari fabulous from beginning to end. The professionalism and thoughtfulness of the staff has been remarkable. The experience and memories of this safari will last a lifetime. I will truly miss everyone.

Stephan, thank you so much for everything you did for us. A special “thanks” to our PH “FC” and to Jotham for making this the best trip I have ever been on. This was my African dream come true.

Kim Reed

A big “thanks” to everyone at Bushmans Quiver for their kindness and work ethic. Every aspect of our safari was above our expectations.

Our PH “FC” is very knowledgeable and a great companion in the bush; he knows the animals and trophy quality without question. Jotham continually amazed us with his ability to spot animals in thick bush and at long distances with the naked eye. We really appreciated his pleasant demeanor, politeness, and work ethic.

Our accommodations in the Karoi Bush Camp added a real feel of Africa to our experience, and we were very comfortable in every way. The setting was perfect.

Our trophies are superb and we are leaving with great memories that will last forever. “Dream It. Hunt It.” That’s what we did!

Jim Reed

Matt & Amanda Gruetzner

Matt and Amanda Gruetzner - Bushmans Quiver Qualtiy African Safaris
Our stay with Bushmans Quiver at their Karoi Bush Camp was absolutely amazing. Our safari was everything we could have hoped for, and MORE! Our PH “Sampie”, and his tracker “Sello”, delivered a safari of a lifetime. It was amazing watching them track the animals while they educated us on the peculiarities of each species.

To go along with the outstanding hunting opportunities that we experienced each day, our chalets and the open-air dining facility were sited so well in the bush, we really felt that “wilderness experience”. The views and terrain all around were beautiful.

The entire Bushmans Quiver staff deserves our hearty thanks, from the trackers, skinners, camp staff, Danie, FC – and their families – for treating us like royalty. We cannot wait to return with additional family and friends in the future.

Matt Gruetzer

Wow, I’m not sure where to begin. This safari with Bushmans Quiver has been more I could have imagined. From the moment we were first picked up at the airport we were treated like family. We felt completely at home in our private chalet, at dinner, and with all the staff, who met our daily needs so well.

Just riding around in the hunting vehicle seeing all the terrain, scenery, and numerous species of animals was a treat in itself. Our PH was very patient and made sure we didn’t feel rushed or pressured in any way. His calm and confident attitude installed a lot of confidence in us and significantly contributed to our success. I really enjoyed watching the trackers and skinners apply their skills to the tasks they perform.

Having our daily meals so well prepared and the daily laundry service made it so easy to just relax and immerse ourselves completely in the daily activities. It was all so wonderful. Thanks so much for making this safari with my husband so perfect. We can hardly wait to return and will miss everyone until we can do so.

Amanda Gruetzner

Amy Hutchins & Lantz Horn

Amy Hutchins
We thoroughly enjoyed our safari experience with Bushmans Quiver. We hunted in the Limpopo Province as well as The Free State and were very satisfied with the accommodations in both lodges, and of course the South African hospitality made us feel right at home. After a long day of hunting the wonderful evening meals were a perfect setting for reliving the day’s adventure.

We successfully hunted a wide range of plains game but took exceptional specimens of springbok, gemsbok, black wildebeest, red hartebeest, sable, and blesbok, just to name a few. Most of all, we took an exceptionally nice kudu that measured 62 6/8” (SCI).

We were mesmerized by the beautiful scenery. It simply added another dimension to our our safari that we hadn’t even considered until we got to South Africa and experienced it first hand.

Our PH was very knowledgeable and, as indicated above, put us on some fine trophy animals in a very stress-free manner. We never felt any pressure during the actual shooting. What a great time we had just driving around in the hunting vehicle scouting out the next trophy. Our harvested animals were well cared for, the trackers and skinners all very professional in their work.

We left wanting to return and will do so once again. We loved every minute of our experience with Bushmans Quiver.

Amy Hutchins

Lantz Horn

Rick Smith

rick smith
Bushmans quiver provided me the greatest hunting experience of my life. To begin with, my wife and I had the choice of two different lodges: (a) the base camp, which was very upscale and picturesque; more refined, and (b) the bush camp, which was isolated and imbedded deep within the bush, right flush against a narrow stream punctuated with small pools of water where animals would visit during the night. We chose the bush camp because we wanted a more wilderness setting. However, it also provided all the conveniences one could wish for. Dannie, the Camp Manager, prepared excellent dishes every evening. I don’t know how we could have asked for better meals than what he served.

FC, my Professional Hunter, really made this safari an experience of a life time. While out hunting I saw many head of game I would have been willing to shoot, but on one occasion after another FC looked over several head of game and then said to me, “We can do better than that.” I developed complete confidence in his ability to put me on animals of the highest quality.

Even though we were deep in the bush, after I took my kudu he promised my wife ice cream to celebrate, and somehow he put together a wonderful ice cream bar for us to sample and enjoy. My wife wanted a break from the hunting, so FC arranged for her to enjoy a therapeutic massage. The location was two hours from the bush camp, which was quite the drive for FC, but she thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

My wife and I are banking on this safari not being our last with Bushmans Quiver. We are already thinking about our next safari, but we will bring our son and his wife this next time if all works out. We appreciate so much the opportunity to visit this beautiful country and to pursue all these amazing animals. Most of all we left with the feeling that we had made fast friends with all the people we met along the way.

Rick Smith



Larry Isaacson

Wow, I had a fantastic time hunting with Bushmans Quiver African Safaris. I don’t believe I can say enough good things about the staff. Armand, my PH, is a very nice young man and a superior PH. We had a great time together in the African bush, and he taught me a lot about the different animals that we saw each day; I saw more and different animals on this safari than I could have imagined.

Armand was excellent in his ability to locate, assess, and identify the specific animals that I was really looking for. I had taken a nice blesbok on a previous safari, but I still wanted a really old ram with lots of character. We spotted a herd some distance off and Armand identified the oldest ram with smooth horns and worn tips, signifying a real warrior, and I was ecstatic to harvest this fine animal. As we were looking at the heard of blesbock a herd of Cape Buffalo, my dream African animal, came walking out of the bush. I was so full of excitement, nerves and adrenaline that I was shaking. That is the first time I have ever seen buffalo live in the flesh, and I will never forget that moment. I plan to make a return trip in two to three years, as I want to hunt a Cape Buffalo on the next safari. Just like that old blesbok, I want an old, beat-up Dugga Boy that has spent his time earning his place in the African bush.

Each evening, after the hunting was done, we had a great time around the boma fire sharing and enjoying the tales of the day. All the PH’s were fun to be around, always joking and full of stories. Dannie, as Camp Manager, did a great job looking after all our personal needs while in camp. His personality is great, and his cooking was excellent – all the different dishes and sauces I can almost taste them now just thinking about them.

The only “down side” to this safari is that I got spoiled! I was retired, but now I have to find a job so I can come back again and bring my wife. Ha, ha!

Looking forward to seeing all the Bushmans Quiver staff members at the various Sportsman’s Expositions in Salt Lake City again this year. It will be great to re-live my experience under African skies with Bushmans Quiver while visiting in the show booth.

Larry Isaacson



Bill Hockridge

David and Bill Hockridge - Waterbuck - Bushmans Quiver Quality African Safaris
This has been the trip of a lifetime! I was fortunate enough to share with my youngest son his dream of an African safari with a bow. The Bushmans Quiver bush camp where we hunted from was fantastic! The accommodations were first rate, and the PHs, and camp staff were fully engaged is providing us with the best experience possible.

Bill Hockridge



David Hockridge

David and Bill Hockridge - Sable - Bushmans Quiver Quality African Safaris

This was my father’s and my first African safari. We bowhunted with Bushmans Quiver in March and I had some concern about the possibilities because the bush was very lush and green coming off the end of the rainy season, not the best conditions for seeing and arrowing the trophies I wanted. I thought about switching from my bow to the rifle, however, the bow hunting set-ups were superb and I decided to stick it out and see what I could do with the bow. Over the next few days I shot excellent specimens of sable, blesbok, waterbok, nyala, and an extremely old bull giraffe past his prime that was keeping the younger bulls from breeding.

Everything else from the accommodations, to the food, to the hospitality was top notch. My PH and the trackers and skinners took extra precaution with the care of my trophies in the field. Without question, this was the trip of a lifetime. I highly recommend Bushmans Quiver for anyone wanting a quality African safari.

David Hockridge



Randy Straka

Randy Straka - Cape Buffalo

My brothers and I completed our safari with Bushmans Quiver in July 2016. I met the representatives from Bushmans Quiver at the International Sportsmen’s Exposition in Scottsdale, AZ and was impressed with their operation. My two brothers accompanied me on our first African safari and it was a wonderful experience. Between the three of us we took some outstanding trophies. Very happy with my cape buffalo, tremendous eland, and all the others. Everything about our safari was outstanding! I could not be more happy. Thank you Stephan for creating this experience for us and welcoming us into your wonderful family. We hope to see you again next year.

Randy Straka



John E. Straka

John Straka

This was my first African safari and I was so happy to have this experience with my two brothers. During the hunting day I was really impressed with the skill of our Professional Hunter (PH) as well as our trackers. They were highly experienced in spotting game and pointing out the very best examples of the trophies they offered for our consideration. The care they displayed for our animals in the field dressing and preparation of our trophies was superb. They took lots of time to position us and the trophies for photos and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

All the rest of the camp staff that looked after our daily needs were pleasant and accommodating in every respect. Our accommodations were excellent, being situated in a well landscaped setting that made for a restful time during the periods when we were not actually hunting. The food was satisfying and plentiful. I was totally pleased with all aspects of our safari.

John E. Straka



Ed Straka

Ed Straka - Waterbuck

I thoroughly enjoyed this safari opportunity with my two brothers. The knowledge of the Professional Hunters, the hospitality, the food, the base camp, etc. were A+ in every respect. The fresh air, beautiful surroundings were very relaxing. I took 8 animals with 9 shots including a tremendous waterbuck! So glad that we did not put this off to another season.

Ed Straka



Matt & Karen McKneely

Matt McKneely

Thank you for the great safari experience with Bushmans Quiver! Your operation is top notch, from staff to accommodations. The hunting is everything I expected and more. I began reading of hunting in Africa at the age of 10 and have dreamed of it every day and honestly, you delivered fully on the Bushmans Quiver promise of “Dream It, Hunt It.”

Your operation has the perfect balance, real hunting and relaxation. Although I didn’t set out to smash the record books, I must admit every animal taken was of exceptional quality. I have been comparing them to what some of my friends have taken and what a difference! The trophies I collected with Bushmans Quiver are just simply superior.

Karen keeps telling me this was her favorite trip, ever! She is already working on me about returning to your beautiful country again.

Matt & Karen McKneely



John Kabela

John Kabela

What a wonderful experience I had hunting with Bushmans Quiver. My expectations were not only met, but exceeded. I collected wonderful trophies, all of the ones I wanted except that illusive baboon, but I am determined to get him next time. The lodge and staff are truly exceptional. I feel that I have made lifelong friends, and look forward to returning soon. Many thanks to Bushmans Quiver.

John Kabela

+1 (800) 505-2265


The Hancock Family

Hancock Family

Couldn’t have asked for a better safari experience. Everyone at Bushmans Quiver really made this experience perfect in every way. Thanks to the PH’s: Sampi, FC, and Johan for all of the laughs and good times together in the African bush. The trackers and skinners were first rate. Stephan and his family really made us feel like we were at home. Thank you for making this a trip we will never forget. We are so thankful that we met Stephan, Nakkie, Marne and Anja at the Texas Trophy Hunters Association venue in Houston. We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the spectacular time hunting, feasting, laughing together in your beautiful country, and most of all for all the new lifelong friends we made along the way.
Tres, Kathryn, Kelly and Joe Bruce Hancock

The Hancock Family

Joe: 281-753-2151


Roger Knott

Roger Knott

At the International Sportsmen’s Exposition in Scottsdale, AZ I met Bushmans Quiver Pro-Staff Team Members as well as one of their Professional Hunters. I was impressed with their display materials and the Bushmans Quiver operation. I booked a safari with them just after the show ended. This certainly was a good decision. The quality of the game and the staff on all levels was first class. A special “thank you” to Stephan, FC and Scott for making this a safari I will never forget.

Roger Knott



Doc Holliday

Doc Holliday

My safari to South Africa with Bushmans Quiver was my third to the sub-continent, but my first with Bushmans Quiver, and I can say that, by far, this third safari was my best. With Bushmans Quiver my safari was competitively priced, and I knew fully in advance what the cost of my safari would be. I felt confident and comfortable in the promise that I would not be charged with any hidden fees and that promise proved to be faithfully met. Not only was I fully satisfied with the pricing of my safari, but it became apparent early on that I was being exposed to trophy animals that were superior in quality to the animals I hunted on my two earlier safaris with different outfitters. This was very important to me, especially since the larger portion of my trophies were to be taken with a bow. The entire staff at Bushmans Quiver is professional and of the highest integrity. At the same time, I feel my safari experience left me with the feeling of having hunted with a group of life- long friends.

Doc Holliday



John McCarty, President Emeritus Burris Optics Company

John McCarty

My heartfelt thanks to the Bushmans Quiver team for providing my hunting partners and me with the best safari ever! This was my 7th safari to the African sub-continent and my second safari with Bushmans Quiver. It was wonderful to once again hunt in both the Limpopo and Free State Provinces with your excellent staff. Everything was well organized and the trophy selection exceeded all expectations. The days on safari simply flew by, and in the end it was difficult to depart and leave such good friends behind. However, we will see you once again at the International Sportsman’s Exposition in Denver when the time comes.

John McCarty, President Emeritus Burris Optics Company



Don Jones

Don Jones

Thanks for putting together such a great African vacation for my family and me. After 8 years of planning, we finally ‘pulled the trigger’ on an African Safari. It proved to be everything I had been dreaming about since watching Mutual of Omaha’s “Wild Kingdom” as a kid with my Dad. My Dad is 75 years old now and with a few physical limitations, but your team did a great job accommodating him.

The base camp at the primary hunting concession was just beautiful. It proved to be a wonderful oasis to return to after a long day hunting. Gathering around the boma in the evening and reliving the day’s adventures with friends and family felt like I was living one of the safari stories I had been reading about for so long. The wild game dinners where we sampled the Kudu, Wildebeest, Zebra, Blesbuck, Sable, Nyala, Impala were all delicious.

Hunting with FC, our PH, is something I will remember for the rest of my life. He was fun to be with, continuously telling jokes, sharing his knowledge of the plants, animals, and history of the area. He was always ready with an answer to any question I asked. (Not sure if he was demonstrating his expertise or his creativity, ha ha, but I had a great time with him!)

I am extremely happy with the animals we harvested and, more importantly, the entire experience we had with Bushman’s Quiver in Africa. The Kudu, Sable, and Gemsbok are going to look great in my trophy room.

Our time in Kruger National Park proved to be one of the highlights of the trip. The number and variety of animals there is astounding. To be able to get so close to so many animals was hard to believe.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to have taken my son, wife, and dad on this trip. The Bushmans Quiver team made us all feel welcomed and totally at home. Looking forward to the next time we can come experience Africa with Bushman’s Quiver.

Don Jones



The Jones Family

Don Jones Family

I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything. I definitely plan on coming back for a second round of excellent trophy hunting. I could not have asked for a better time here in South Africa. There is something about this land and these people, that makes me feel as though I belong.
Levi Casto Jones

We had an absolutely fabulous time. The hunting was great and I took some fabulous photographs. The Professional Hunters were top rate and very patient with us newcomers in every respect. The food was plentiful and quite tasty!
Laurice Jones

The best 9 days of my life!
Pat Jones

The Jones Family

Red Merrell – Sedalia, Colorado

Red Merrell - Testimonial

My safari with Bushmans Quiver was the trip of a lifetime!  I didn’t have to worry about any details and for me, that was satisfying. My PH made me feel comfortable and at ease.  The accommodations were very nice. I got to sleep well, eat well, and take hot showers in a very comfortable room. But the best part was the hunting! My wife and I got to go on some beautiful ranches where I had the opportunity to shoot outstanding animals of nine species. Two of the animals I shot (a bleesbok and a klipspringer) made SCI gold and my klipspringer turned out to be the new world record. I owe it all to my PH….FC Prinsloo and Bushmans Quiver.  I’m looking forward to my next hunt in May of 2015.

Red Merrell – Sedalia, Colorado


Bushmans Quiver from a wife’s perspective, by Des Merrell:

Sharing my husband’s lifetime dream of an African safari became a reality for me through Bushmans Quiver.  From the emotional roller coaster of shock, to unbelief, to worry, to the excitement of filling out the paperwork… it was an unforgettable experience. You get a sense of the personal attention you will get when you start filling out the food menu questionnaire! I am very thankful for the attention to details that Hunter Roop provided. He was excellent and available to answer questions and concerns.

I went along as a non-hunter to take pictures and share the experience with my husband.  It was a fantastic experience!!!  Stephan and his team allowed me to stalk the game with my husband and our PH. I got to ride in the back of the truck as we were scouting for game and when an opportunity for a shot came…I was right there to take the pictures.  They went out of their way to make sure I was a participant…not just a spectator. It was such a great experience. From a woman’s perspective, there were no such things as “dumb” questions. Our PH patiently answered all my questions! I wanted to experience Africa…not just a hunt. He went out of his way to make sure we got to experience EVERYTHING we wanted to.

The one thing that stands out in my mind as outstanding is the way you are grafted into the family. Stephan and Nakkie and their two precious daughters Marne and Anja make sure you leave as family. Bushmans Quiver is truly a family run business and each member of the family plays an integral part. You leave part of your heart with them in Africa and that is why it is so hard to go home and why you are so anxious to make a return trip. From the mounts in our home, to the pictures in our album, and the memories in our hearts…Bushmans Quiver left its indelible mark in our lives and we are so thankful for the opportunity to hunt with them.

Des Merrell – Sedalia, Colorado


Oke & JV Johnson – Livermore, Colorado

Oke and JV - Testimonial

My wife and I just got back from an incredible experience – a wonderful and exciting 12 day safari with Bushman’s Quiver! We had long dreamed of going on a safari, but always came up with excuses why we couldn’t do it. At the Denver International Sportsman’s Expo my wife entered us for a drawing with Bushman’s Quiver for a 7 day hunt. To our surprise we received an email a few days later telling us we had won!   Our excuses for not going on a safari had vanished! During the Expo my wife and I were very impressed with Stephan and immediately felt comfortable with him as he described what we could expect on a safari with Bushman’s Quiver. His description was “spot on”, however I must say we enjoyed ourselves way beyond our expectations!

We were unsure what we needed to do to get to South Africa, but Stephan and Hunt, his US Agent, walked us through the process, quickly and cheerfully answering the myriad of questions we had and taking care of our pre-trip anxieties.   When we arrived in Johannesburg, Stephan greeted us at the airport and ensured we got our firearms and luggage without any problems. Stephan immediately put us at ease and we knew the rest of the safari would be terrific! Our accommodations throughout the safari were first-class. Our chef prepared delicious meals from the game animals we collected and joined us every morning for coffee and rusks, regardless of the time we departed camp. I promise you will not be hungry during your stay!

Every concession we hunted was professionally run and everyone, without exception, was friendly and helpful, often going well beyond what we expected to ensure we had a successful and enjoyable hunt. The drawing we won for the 7-day safari included an impala and a blesbuck. Thinking this would be the only time we would get to Africa we expanded the hunt to 12 days and ended up taking 11 trophies, 2 with my bow; the rest with my rifle. Every day was exciting, and every day we saw exotic animals we had only seen in books or on TV. On days that Stephan was not able to guide us his Assistant PH “FC” proved to be equally knowledgeable and enthusiastic. FC was very professional and ensured that we found excellent trophies and had terrific hunts.

My wife, who does not hunt, enjoyed the safari as much or more than I did! Seeing giraffes, zebra, kudu, eland, waterbuck, impala, rhinos, wildebeest, red hartebeest, wart hogs, monkeys, baboons and a score of other animals up close and personal was exhilarating. The days went by way too quickly, and each day brought new experiences and wonderful memories. Stephan told us we would be treated as family and leave making many new friends along the way. He was 100% correct! We are now planning our next safari with Bushman’s Quiver!

I heartily recommend Bushman’s Quiver for both your first safari as well as for experienced hunters who want to have an unforgettable experience! If you have any questions about my experience with Bushman’s Quiver, please feel free to contact me.

Oke Johnson


Tom & Linda Sciacca – Littleton, Colorado

Tom and Linda Testimonial

My name is Tom Sciacca.  My wife Linda and I booked a Safari with Bushman’s Quiver last January 2013, for a hunt in September of 2013.  We had never been hunting outside of the USA and were not sure how to proceed.  We meet Stephan van der Merwe (owner, operator of Bushmans Quiver) at the International Sportsman Show in Denver and then again at a Tanner Gun Show. After stopping at hundreds of different safari companies, we were invited to and attended an Open House Stephan had after the show at the hotel.  While there we saw slides and pictures of the Bushman’s Quiver operation, met and talked to Stephan and Hunter (the US rep for Bushmans Quiver), and we meet and talked to clients who had hunted with them in the past.  They even had snacks and drinks available for all of us that came. All the people we met had the highest regard and recommendations for Bushmans Quiver Safari operation.  There was also a taxidermist there to discuss the trophy costs that would be involved. We were so impressed we booked our hunt immediately after talking to Stephan about what we wanted to accomplish on our trip; and boy are we happy that we did.

Our Safari was 16 days total with travel days, so we figured we had 12 actual safari days.  We actually ended up with 13 because the last day of our trip we were leaving in the evening, so they made sure we filled the day with activities before we left.

The accommodations were great; the service in camp was beyond excellent and the food was first class. Everything was done to make one feel at home and comfortable in a different country.  We totally fell in love with the whole extended family that we stayed with there. I originally signed up for a Cape Buffalo and five plains animals. The final total that I took was a Cape Buffalo and ten plains animals, and my wife took an amazing Nyala.  Stephan packed so much into 13 days that I could write a short story. He made sure Linda and I got to do a game drive on a game preserve for some incredible pictures; visit an Elephant Interaction and several other tourist attractions. Whatever we wanted to do they did their best to fulfill our dreams. Talk about being spoiled! Absolutely the TRIP OF A LIFETIME. What an incredible experience!

The most important thing for me was the hunting. Stephan absolutely will not put you on a poor trophy.  I am 71 years old and I waited 50 years to get my Cape and I could not be happier.  We are hoping to
return in 2 years and I will only book with Bushmans Quiver.  We have spent our money with Bushman’s Quiver and will return to spend more time with them as soon as we can. That is the highest recommendation we can give.  Everything was set up for our comfort and needs. We will gladly speak to anyone about our Safari and share our experiences.

Thomas & Linda Sciacca

Maxie Jones – Tennessee

Maxie Jones

My wife and I met Stephan van der Merwe at an outfitters trade show here in Tennessee.  Based upon our meeting and discussion with Stephan we decided to book a 7-day safari.

Up until that time, never in our wildest dreams would we have ever thought that we would be traveling half way around the world to spend a week in the African Bush.  Bushmans Quiver gave us a warm welcome and made us feel right at home. When we arrived in Johannesburg, Stephan was there to meet us and it was like we had known him all our lives.  That was how it was the whole week we were there.  Stephan and his staff went out of their way to make us feel comfortable.  If we needed anything, they made sure we had it.  If we needed to go anywhere, they took us.  We always knew that we were in good hands. They even spoiled us with all the delicious food. Schulch, our chef, went out of his way with the preparation of each meal he served.

One of the things we wanted to consider were activities that my wife could participate in that might be a diversion from the daily hunting. We asked about such opportunities in advance of our arrival and were presented with several attractive and interesting options. When my wife found out about the Elephant Safari, she immediately listed it as a “must do” while in South Africa.  I decided to go along also and it was an awesome adventure.  We both learned so much about elephants and their habits that we weren’t aware of; what an extraordinary animal !  My wife and I highly recommend this experience to anyone interested in an entertaining, fun, and educational activity.

As far as the hunting itself, I don’t think there was a thing I could recommend to improve it in anyway. From the PH, to the trackers and skinners; it was excellent in every way.  If you want your lifelong safari dreams to turn into memories, you need to book your next African Safari with Bushmans Quiver.  You will not be disappointed.

Please contact me by email or phone for a solid endorsement of Bushmans Quiver.

Maxie Jones



Harlan Giles

Harlan Giles Testimonial

Hunting in South Africa had always been a dream of mine. Fortunately, that dream came true when I met Stephan van der Merwe at the International Sportsman’s Expo in Denver, CO in January 2012. My wife and I were fortunate to meet Stephan and discuss all that Bushmans Quiver had to offer. When I told her that I was thinking of going to hunt with Stephan, she told me that I better do it or I would regret it for a lifetime and now was as good of a time as any. Well, with those words of advice from my wife, I quickly booked a trip with Stephan to hunt during the last two weeks of May 2012.

Leading up to the trip, Stephan made sure that all questions were answered, talked about preparations for bow hunting, and also covered what to expect when I arrived.  Stephan also had me develop a list of animals that I would like to take while I was there. Knowing that I would be hunting for 10 days, I tried to keep my list to a reasonable number of 5-7 animals. I knew that bow hunting would be challenging and everyone had told me to figure 1.5 days per animal. I was also told to go over with a list, but to keep an open mind and take what Africa has to offer. That was some of the best advice I was given.

At the conclusion of my flight, I arrived in the Johannesburg airport where I was met by my PH for the week. As soon as we met, I knew I was in for a real treat while hunting at Bushmans Quiver. To say that the South African people are extremely friendly would be an understatement. During the whole ride from the airport to the main camp, we discussed the plans for the week, what to expect while hunting, and just life in general. During the whole time, Stephan was in constant communication with all parties ensuring that everything was going smoothly and also making sure we were having a good time.

Arriving at camp, I was met by Stephan and shown my accommodations for the first few days. The camp was amazing. Outside of the camp houses, there was a large fire pit and seating area. After getting settled in, we sat around the fire and just talked about the plans for the week and Stephan was there to answer any questions that I had. The food was excellent and all the camp staff were very accommodating. Coming back after a day of hunting and being able to relax around the fire was a great way to end the day. Stephan always made sure that everything was meeting our expectations and he would then go over plans for the next day’s hunt.

Stephan put me on some great concessions and in the 10 days of hunting, I was able to harvest 7 animals. All were nice representative animals with some eligible for entry into Rowland Ward record book. During the hunting trip, Stephan arranged for me to hunt different concessions and also stay at another camp. It was a great experience being able to hunt different areas and see different parts of South Africa. All areas I hunted had excellent numbers of trophy animals. The bow hunting blinds were a mix of pit blinds, elevated blinds, and pop-up blinds. Each area was set up for the optimal style of hunting. The shot range for bow hunting varied from 10-30 yards, with most shots being at 20 yards or less. I was very pleased to have the opportunity to shoot at these ranges.

For anyone considering hunting in Africa, you cannot go wrong with Stephan at Bushmans Quiver. From start to finish, Stephan will make sure everything lives up to your expectations. Not only will you have an enjoyable time while hunting with Stephan, you will also make memories that will last a lifetime. The variety and number of animals available at Bushman’s Quiver is truly amazing. Also, hunting in South Africa is very reasonable compared to hunting in the US. Nowhere else in the world can you have the chance of harvesting such a wide variety of animals. To say that this was a trip of a lifetime would be an understatement. In fact, I am considering it the first of many planned trips to South Africa. I am already planning my return trip to hunt with Stephan and will be bringing my wife along with me on my return trip.

If anyone would like to discuss my experience with Stephan and Bushmans Quiver, my contact information is:

Harlan Giles

Thanks again for the wonderful trip Stephan. See you soon!



Mark & Pamela Winters – Tulsa, OK

This trip was more than we could have ever dreamed or planned.  We knew on our drive from the airport to camp that our personalities meshed perfectly with Stephan’s. He asked what we expected the week to look like and having never hunted big game, we said that it was up to him.

Stephan is passionate about being a PH and patient beyond his years; he is personal and joyful. He is punctual and accommodating. His support staff is hard-working and friendly. Our hunts were enjoyable and thrilling. Non-hunting days were spent at the Elephant Encounter and Mabula Big Game Drive, which were arranged by Stephan.  The home-cooked meals were delicious.  We were blessed with a very special 30th Anniversary “picnic” that we’ll never forget.

We have recommended Bushman’s Quiver (and especially Stephan) to all of our friends and are planning another trip.  We’ve posted some of our pictures on facebook and share about our experience often.  We took away not only four gorgeous animals (Impala, Nyala, Zebra and Blue Wildebeest), but a friendship that will last a lifetime.

Karen and Chuck Johnson

My wife, Karen, and I would like to thank you for the wonderful experience we had during our African hunt with Bushman Quiver.  This was our second trip in two years with BQ and both were filled with fond memories and many fantastic trophies.

We sincerely appreciate all that you and your staff have done to make our hunts and the time spent with you, your family, and the staff a true lifetime experience.   We really enjoyed visiting the many concessions that you have available and getting to know the professional staff who work so hard to make our trips successful.  The food, service, and hospitality were exceptional at each location. Additionally, the number and quality of the trophy animals was beyond our expectations.

Both Karen and I would like to again thank you for your patience and desire to make our dreams come true and, above all, the lasting friendship that has been created between us.  We are already planning our next BQ safari.

Herbert Sammut – Birkirkara, MALTA

My experience at the Limpopo with Stephan Van der Merwe was really an experience to recommend and remember for the rest of my life. Although I have a love for wingshooting in Malta and travel often to follow my passion, this was my first experience at plains game hunting.  Malta is a country with very limited range and hunting space to practice any shooting in general, so all was a first for me.

I was impressed by:
Bushmans Quiver’s first class accommodation, always clean, safe and comfortable, man I miss those relaxing evenings by the lapa; Brand new fully kitted vehicles and equipment, set up not to let the team down during a hunt; By Stephan’s punctuality, flexibility, honesty and unlimited patience in teaching me some basics of bushcraft and bush hunting; By Stephan’s knowledge of where the best trophies are and assistance in bagging them.

And by the dedication of the trackers and skinners who accompanied us and worked really hard during the hunt.  On the good days they literally worked day and night! Last but not least I would like to complement Stephan’s wife, Nakkie, for her remarkable cooking! Absolutely mouthwatering catering day in day out!

I have been recommending Bushmans Quiver to my friends.  Keep up the good work.
It was my first….surely not the last!

Do not hesitate to contact Stephan for my contact details should you require further clarifications.

Herbert Sammut