Logo Gear

Logo Gear: Ordering Cabela’s designed Bushmans Quiver logo gear

We are fortunate to offer our clients famous Cabela’s apparel and gear embroidered with the Bushmans Quiver logo at a discount from the Cabela’s catalog price. Make sure you have everything you need before your safari begins.

How to place an order  
You must know three things to place an order:

  1. The Bushmans Quiver (BQ) Account Number.
  2. The specific logo numbers for the item you are ordering.
  3. The catalog item number for the merchandise items you are ordering.

Here are the steps involved in placing an order
(1) Using a current Cabela’s catalog, or their website, make a list of the items you wish to order along with the specified item number for each item. Keep in mind that not all items are able to be embroidered. Items that cannot be embroidered do not qualify for the BQ discount. It is up to the client to ensure, when ordering, that the item is able to be embroidered. Therefore, if the client orders items that cannot be embroidered the client runs the risk of receiving these items unembroidered and having to pay the full catalog price. We kindly request that clients not confuse the ordering process by mixing orders for embroidered items with items that cannot be embroidered. Since a special phone number is designated for BQ orders, if the client wishes to order items that cannot be embroidered, those items should be ordered through the normal catalog process and not through the BQ toll-free number.

(2) Place your order by calling the Corporate Business Development number: 1-800-243-6626. Tell the Customer Service Representative (CSR) you are placing an order for Bushmans Quiver Logo Gear. Provide them the BQ Account Number: 7909415

(3) If you are ordering caps, or other headgear items, the logo number for the front of the cap is: 30025134. The logo number for the back of the caps is: 30025133. Both logo numbers are required to complete your order.

Logo Cap

Logo hat shown above

(4) If you are ordering shirts, vests, jackets, outerwear, the logo number for the front is: 30025134. The logo number for the back of these items is: 30025181. Both logo numbers are required to complete your order.

Shirt Pocket Logo with Binoculars
Shirt pocket shown above
Shirt yoke
Back of shirt/yoke shown above


(5) Other than the items listed in (3) and (4) many additional items are also able to be embroidered. Soft-sided luggage is an example. The logo numbers cited in (4) should be used for these items.

(6) Finally, many items (some headgear for example) that you might believe capable of being embroidered actually are not. So, again, be sure to confirm with the CSR that all of the items on your order list are capable of being embroidered. Remove those items from your list that cannot be embroidered. Items that specifically cannot be ordered under the BQ account are Gift Cards. Therefore, if you are ordering items as gifts, in lieu of a gift card, make sure that the items you order for someone else are (a) exactly what they want, and (b) that the sizes are correct, as EMBROIDERED ITEMS CANNOT BE RETURNED.

(7) Payment can be effected over the phone with your credit card, and if you have Cabela’s Points you may use them as a credit to your purchase.

(8) Make sure the CSR understands that you are placing a “client order” and that they have your name and shipping address correct as you do not want your shipment to mistakenly arrive at Bushmans Quiver.

NOTE: CURRENT CABELA’S PHOTO CONTEST/AWARDS PROGRAM. Submit high quality photos of yourself wearing Bushmans Quiver Logo Gear purchased from Cabela’s to be eligible to win a $100 Cabela’s Gift Certificate. If those photos are used in any Cabela’s promotional venue you win! Contact the Cabela’s Customer Service Department for instructions. The continuity of this particular Cabela’s Award Program is not guaranteed, so submit your photos promptly.