Dear cherished Friends & Family, this is Stephan van der Merwe, Founder of Bushmans Quiver reaching out to say hello and send warm greetings from South Africa!

It has been some time since our last Newsletter. First and foremost, on behalf of myself, my wife Nakkie, and our daughters Anja and Marne, our thoughts and prayers are with everyone around the world whose lives have been affected by this pandemic. Our world has certainly been challenged beyond measure over these last 10 months. As you can imagine, the tourism and safari industry was hit extremely hard due to all the travel bans.

We are currently waiting to receive updated news on travel restrictions, and we will keep you informed through our Newsletters and Facebook page on any new developments.

As you all know our 2019 hunting season ended very sadly when my dear friend, business partner, and Professional Hunter FC Prinsloo passed away after a tragic cape buffalo accident. It’s now been 15 months since FC has gone to be with our Heavenly Father and we miss him every single day.

It’s been 4 years since we relocated to the Western Cape and during this time, we met a wonderful and very special family, The Cairns. As our friendship and fellowship blossomed, we discovered our beliefs, our passions, and our standards all lined up magnificently. I am proud to announce that Patrick and Debra Cairns, formerly of Patrick Cairns Safaris, will be joining the Bushmans Quiver Team. Along with Patrick and Debra we would also like to welcome their two sons Sean and Ryan. Patrick and his family were very successful with his Safari company as Patrick is a very enthusiastic Professional Hunter and Conservationist. His National Diploma in Nature Conservation has given him the background and understanding of how hunting and conservation work together to protect Africa’s wildlife.

Our families are like-minded, and we share the same vision for the Safari Industry and Bushmans Quiver Quality African Safaris. The positive aspects of Patrick and his family’s knowledge and experience will help us at Bushmans Quiver to remain a leader in the Safari industry while still delivering the Safari experience that you and your family will treasure forever. Already, through this new partnership we have managed to secure some fantastic hunting areas in both the Western Cape and Eastern Cape.

We are beyond excited for all God has done for us. And we thank Him most of all for making what Bushmans Quiver is today. We love every one of you and have missed the time of being with you, but we will once again sit around the fire as a family under the amazing African skies.

We will be sending out more information and any updates regarding the road ahead just as soon as possible.

I also want to confirm with you that if you are under Contract for a Safari with us at Bushmans Quiver, you may rest assured that every aspect of that Contract will be honored, and your pricing is secured.

Please know you are truly our friends and family. We pray that God will continue to bless each and every one of you and keep you safe and healthy.

Stephan van der Merwe, Founder/Principal/Chief PH
Bushmans Quiver Quality African Safaris

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