Western Cape Pricing


Click here to download our price list for Hunting Western Cape.

Our Standard Price List may be downloaded from the link above or at the bottom of this page. Our prices are established as a reflection of our Core Values. We generally see an increase in prices about August 1 of each year. These anticipated price increases can be avoided by booking under our Delayed Booking Program, which is explained elsewhere in our website. Due to fluctuations in monetary exchange rates, changing government quotas, scarcity, and other unknown and unpredictable factors, prices are subject to change without notice. Bushmans Quiver will do all within its control to notify clients of impending price changes, but prices are not guaranteed until bookings are secured.

It should be apparent that across an industry as broad as the safari industry that the quality of products, goods, and services are seldom consistent. In the safari industry, as in many industries, it is a fundamental truth that one pretty much gets what one pays for. We named our company Bushmans Quiver Quality African Safaris because we strive to provide the best quality and service for the money consistent with our Core Values. Clients booking with us can have peace of mind that they will receive true value for their safari expenditure. Our accommodations, service, professional staff, reflect this value, and so does our trophy selection.

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.”
———————Benjamin Franklin

Note that the cost of a client’s safari is determined primarily from three pricing categories:

Daily Rates
Trophy Fees
Elected Additional Activities (if any)

Daily Rate: this is the fee that is charged for the use of our facilities (accommodations), food, services of our professional staff (camp staff and field staff), etc.

Trophy Fees: this is the fee that is charged for each species of animal which the client shoots (killed or wounded). The fee is only due if the animal is killed or wounded, as in South Africa there is no “general hunting license” to be purchased as is common in other countries.

Elected Additional Activities: we offer a wide array of non-hunting activities (a sample of which is listed on our website) to both the hunter and the non-hunter. Clients may elect to participate in these activities (or not). Also, if a client has a favorite activity that is not listed on our list of non-hunting activities, we can usually arrange that activity if given sufficient notice. All electable non-hunting activities have fees associated with each activity. For a complete safari experience at the best prices it is best to schedule trophy animals and electable additional activities in advance.

No Hidden Costs: At Bushmans Quiver we pride ourselves on adhering to the principle of “no hidden costs.” When we price your safari for you, the price appearing on your safari documents is the price you pay, and nothing more. Understand that some costs are not readily known in advance. An example would be costs for dipping and shipping trophies out of RSA. These costs are dependent on number of trophies, species, etc. Where such costs cannot be known in advance we connect the client with the particular entity providing these services so the client may obtain accurate estimates of such costs in time to establish their safari budget.

At Bushmans Quiver we fundamentally promote the idea that the longer the safari, the more people in the party, and the wider array of species that the party harvests, the more we can economize on price. We do this by reducing our margins in the expectation that volume will make up for marginal sacrifices in pricing. Therefore, in reviewing our Standard Price List, keep in mind that we generally can compromise these prices somewhat if the three qualifying principles cited above are maximized. To this end, please review our BQ Handbook elsewhere on the website where two strategy examples are given on how to establish a safari budget. Remember, it costs nothing to request a price quote, and the client is under no obligation after having done so.


Three meals each day
Daily laundry service (Specialty hunts to fly camps may not include laundry service)
Soft drinks, bottled water, local beer & wine, snacks
Experienced and licensed Professional Hunter
Trained staff, trackers & skinners
Field preparation of trophies
Transport of trophies to dip & ship facility
All ground transportation within and between various hunting concessions
Round trip transportation from Johannesburg International Airport to base camp
15% VAT on trophy fees


Day of Arrival*
Day of Departure*
Extra vehicle hire for large groups (>4); air charters (if needed) specified by client
Taxidermy, processing of trophies for export, trophy shipping, customs brokerage fees
Gratuities to staff & professional hunter (at client’s option)
Elective rental of staff rifles or ammunition purchased in RSA
Tobacco products
Specialty requested imported food or beverages
Cost of telephone calls, faxes, or other electronic communication made by client
CITES license fees where necessary for each CITES animal harvested
Certain Provincial permit fees for certain species
15% VAT on daily rates and elected additional activities
*Note: some outfitters charge a full hunting day for the Day of Arrival and the Day of Departure. Under this scenario if the client books a 10-day safari they are only getting 8 days of actual hunting. A 10-day safari with Bushmans Quiver means 10 full days of hunting and a reduced daily rate for the Day of Arrival and the Day of Departure.


The following Terms & Conditions, as pertains to deposits, apply to safaris booked within an existing calendar year. For safaris booked for advanced years under our Delayed Booking Program periodic installment payments, advantageous to the client, are required as spelled out in that plan (described elsewhere on the website).

Reservation Deposit: a deposit in the amount of $1500, or 10% of the total cost of the safari (whichever amount is greater) is required to confirm a booking. The balance of the total cost of the safari is due upon the last day of the safari. Client’s may elect to make additional advance deposits at periodic intervals if desired as a means of reducing the outstanding balance due at the end of the safari. Final balances are to be cleared via cash, International Travel Money Card, or credit card (not AMEX).

Forms of Payment: advance deposits may be made by personal check, business check, certified funds, or money order sent to our agent in the United States (instructions provided upon request). Or, funds may be wired to our bank in South Africa (instructions provided upon request). The client’s canceled check, or funds receipt, is the client’s payment receipt. Clients are advised to keep a running account of all deposits made as that will facilitate reconciling their account on their last day in base camp.

Refunds: deposits are held in escrow until the client’s safari begins. If the client is unable to begin the safari and desires a refund the request for a refund must be made in writing (email). Deposits are non-refundable in the event of cancellation 120 days or less prior to the date the safari was due to commence.

Indemnity: all clients (hunters and non-hunters alike) are required to sign a Bushmans Quiver Release & Waiver Agreement at the time of booking.

Click here to download our price list for Hunting Western Cape.