Our Lidikwe Base Camp in the Western Cape Province offers everything the safari purist desires. Nestled at the very entrance to the Meiringsport Valley at an elevation of 1575 feet the property consists of 30,000 acres of unspoilt primeval African wilderness that is encapsulated by the impressive Swartberg (“Black Mountains”) Mountain Range (A UNESCO World Heritage Site) with vistas of the Outeniqua Mountains (“Mountain of the Star”) jutting against the horizon in the distance. The Swartbergs run east to west and separate the famous Great Karoo in the north from the Little Karoo in the south. The Outeniqua Mountains parallel the coast and during the winter months snow can sometimes be seen upon the pinnacles. This area appears much as it did when the indigenous Khoi-San bushmen trekked through this valley thousands of years ago in pursuit of the great game herds.

Bushmans Quiver built its enviable reputation providing quality safaris in the Limpopo Province, which has been the mecca for South African plains game hunting for many decades. That has long been our home base and we continue to operate out of our Karoi base camp in the Limpopo accessing over 200,000 acres of prime northern bushveld in several disparate locations. However, as you will see, our Lidikwe Base Camp offers the safari enthusiast additional hunting and recreational opportunities of incomparable quality and excitement.

Out of our Lidikwe Base Camp we hunt 30,000 acres of the Meiringsport Valley that is contained in one block. The property is only partially fenced in strategic places to provide security as well as to serve as an integral part of our game management plan. In addition to our many traditional species of game found in the Limpopo, Lidikwe offers its own unique species that cannot be hunted in the Limpopo. These include: Hartmann’s Mountain Zebra, Vaal (grey) rhebok, Cape Bushbok, springbok, black wildebeest, and Cape Kudu. (See our Species Price List for the Cape Province located elsewhere on our website). In addition, the property is home to sizable herds of impressive gemsbok, Cape Eland and Cape Buffalo. Herds of 50 head of Cape Eland are commonly spotted in this area. As to Cape Buffalo, the numerous stream beds and thick bush provide buffalo hunting reminiscent of the great East African Safaris of a bygone era.

Elevation changes of 1000′ are common between the valley floor and the surrounding ridges making for plenty of exciting shooting opportunities for those hunters that are up to the challenge. This is one of concessions we hunt where a flat shooting rifle will be an asset. The plant systems here are very different from the northern bushveld of the Limpopo Province. The floral kingdom is known as “fynbos” —– meaning fine-leaved plants. The fynbos covers half of the surface area and 80% of the plant varieties. 9000 species of plants occur in the flynbos, 6200 of which occur no where else in the world.

Accommodations include a luxurious base lodge with three ensuite rooms constructed of natural stone and roofed with traditional thatch offering stunning views of the Swartberg Mountains. In addition, for a more rustic experience there are 7 plaster and masonry bush chalets with corrugated iron roofs. Each room has its own separate toilet, basin, and shower under the thatched portion of the roof. A big kitchen and communal dining area is a central part of the bush camp with its indoor fireplace. For those individuals seeking an outdoor evening experience, the traditional evening “sundowner” next to the welcoming boma fire adjacent to the dining area is the way to experience the star-filled night sky. The camp is supplied with running hot and cold water, electricity, and wifi internet access.

Besides the world class hunting, additional recreational opportunities are practically limitless. Non-hunting family members will have plenty to do. The challenge will be verbalized as, “How do I fit it all in?” rather than “How do I occupy my time?” The ocean is a short 45 minute drive from base camp. Cape Town is a 3 hour relaxing drive away. To learn more about all there is to see and do, please refer to the remainder of our website regarding the Cape Province.

As to conveniences, the town of De Rust is only 5 minutes away. The larger municipality of Oudtshoorn (pop. 95,930 Year: 2011) is 20 minutes from base camp and contains a full service 24-hour municipal medical facility.