Bushmans Quiver Quality African Safaris conducts hunting safaris for plains game and dangerous game on over 230,000 acres of prime hunting grounds in South Africa as well as fresh and saltwater fishing adventures, photography safaris, and so much more! While we hunt across the breadth of South Africa, our safaris originate out of two base camps: Karoi, in the Limpopo Province, and Lidikwe in the Western Cape Province.

Our pristine bushveld has been carefully selected for a wide variety of exceptional trophy animals across a wide range of species. In the accompaniment of our qualified and experienced professional hunters, you can have real peace of mind while hunting any of our plains game as well as the dangerous game of Africa. You will be assured of excellent trophies; our reputation speaks for itself.

Our Karoi base camp is situated outside of Modimolle (formally Nylstroom on older maps) at the southern edge of the Waterberg Massif about 2 hours drive north of Johannesburg International Airport. This is the heart of the Limpopo Province, the mecca for safari enthusiasts in modern-day Africa.

Our Lidikwe base camp is situated outside of Oudtshoorn at the entrance to the Meringsport Valley in the Swartberg Mountain Range about 3 hours drive east of Cape Town International Airport. Both the Waterberg Massif and the Swartberg Mountains have been designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites and we are pleased to be able to offer the safari enthusiast unparalleled hunting experiences in these two unique biospheres.

The owner and founder of Bushmans Quiver Quality African Safaris, Stephan van der Merwe grew up in the northern bushveld of the Limpopo Province, South Africa. He has been involved in hunting, fishing, and wildlife conservation for more than 25 years and became a professional hunter in 1995.

Founder Stephan, Nakkie, Marne and Anja

Photo above: Stephan van der Merwe, Owner/Outfitter & Professional Hunter, Stephan’s wife Nakkie and their girls Marne and Anja

How Bushmans Quiver got its name: Here in Africa we have so many wonderful things to offer that one arrow is just not enough to carry all the experiences, cultures and excitement of our fascinating country. That is why we have decided to create our own quiver for all the arrows of joy, goodness, and happiness and we named it “Bushmans Quiver”!

Our Mission and Core Values


Our Mission is to turn your African dream into a wonderful reality. Thank you for the opportunity to introduce our safari of excellence. Dream it, Hunt it!


Our core values guide our commitment and professional performance:





HONESTY: We believe our clients deserve to be told the truth as to the safari experience we offer, the quality of the trophies they may expect to harvest, the terrain within which they will hunt, and what will be expected of them physically. Toward this endeavor we commit to making our website reflective of who we are professionally and we endeavor to manage our administrative duties to the client with the same professionalism as our hunting obligations.

INTEGRITY: We believe it is important to adhere to a standard. As members of the Professional Hunters Association of South Africa (PHASA) we internalize the Code of Ethics as promulgated by PHASA. When we make client-based commitments, whether in writing or by spoken word we believe that our word is our bond.

SERVICE: When the client engages Bushmans Quiver to meet their safari expectations it is our desire and intention to see that those expectations are fully met. We consider it our obligation to see that the client is the recipient of all that we can deliver to meet those expectations. We aren’t satisfied with our service until the client affirms that they are satisfied.

HOSPITALITY: It is our desire and sincerest wish that our clients feel our camp is their African Home while on safari with us. In instances where a client has special requirements in order to feel “at home” we solicit that dialogue with clients so that individual or family needs are addressed and met.

CONSERVATION OF WILDLIFE: It is an indisputable truth that every living thing, sooner or later, dies as a consequence of some natural factor, be it predation, disease, starvation, etc. This is the way of nature. However, nature is seldom kind or efficient. Human intervention can forestall the often cruel hand of nature. In the modern world controlled, well-managed, sustainable hunting is the most effective tool humankind has to bring to bear to optimize the health and well-being of wild animal populations. In a world where humans have a longstanding propensity to occupy for themselves all the best places on the planet it is a predictable consequence that wildlife will have to do with less in both quantity and quality of habitat. Free, open, wild habitat of quality continues to shrink as humans occupy more and more of the globe. As wildlife is confined to ever shrinking reserves some means must be devised to protect that habitat from the ravages of over-population. The culling of excess animals from over-populated herds is the surest, most efficient and most practical means of producing the desired outcome. We are already facing this reality throughout the natural world. For this reason we support responsible hunting as a conservation ethic. The fact that we make our living from it is not something we shy away from.

ETHICAL HUNTING: Hunting laws and regulations, which are in themselves often reflective of a society’s views on ethics as pertains to hunting, vary widely across cultures. This is understandable. In our view, in addition to subscribing to PHASA ethical standards, we believe ethical hunting involves the sincere commitment to hunt animals in their natural environment under conditions where the species being hunted has a reasonably good chance of avoiding the hunter, or escaping the hunter’s immediate intention to harvest it, that the hunter takes only those shots that he is highly confident of resulting in a quick and humane death, and that when the animal is indeed harvested by the hunter that the animal is treated with the respect and dignity that it deserves.

FAMILY VALUES: We believe that in all countries the family unit is the foundation of that culture. Without strong families and the values they share there would be no effective government, no sense of nation, no sense of humanity. We value and appreciate our own families, and strive to provide a safari experience that all family members can appreciate individually and collectively. We strive to provide a safari experience that brings families closer together, strengthens existing bonds, and creates new ones. It is our sincere wish that your family will complete its safari with us feeling closer and stronger for the experiences you have had in our wonderful country.

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: We consider what we have accomplished in previous years as being reflective of the best we had to offer in the past, however we do not let the past define today, nor our potential for tomorrow. We strive to capture tomorrow’s opportunities today, to expand our potential to meet the challenges of the future as quickly as possible, and in an environment of continuous change to constantly be improving our outlook, our performance and our commitment to client satisfaction.