There are any number of hunter friendly conservation organizations in the United States that do an admirable job of representing the interests of hunters in the various legislative arenas. However, it seems that those organizations are just a small voice when compared against the emotional tirades of the animal-rightists who appeal primarily to the emotions of an uninformed public. This is very disconcerting since the actual “science” of conservation is very much on the side of “sustainable use” and legalized hunting as a valid game management tool. Also, as hunters we are often busy energetically pursuing our interests in the field and too frequently find ourselves on the defensive when “bad press” maligns our sport.

Generally speaking, the folks that are against hunting are formidable adversaries because (1) they are intelligent, (2) organized, and (3) well-funded. For the most part, anti-hunters are intelligent (being educated at institutions of higher learning), but not necessarily well-informed when it comes to conservation issues. As hunters, we need to address that. Anti-hunters are activist-minded and join organizations who promote causes in which they fundamentally believe. These organizations are now having international influence. As hunters, we need to join and support organizations that represent our own interests, and which will represent our interests internationally. Anti-hunters are well-funded because, commonly being graduates of universities, they have decent paying jobs and donate money to organizations aligned with their belief systems. As hunters, we need to do the same thing if we want to preserve our right to hunt.

Ron ThompsonMany may not know of Ron Thomson***. On February 27, 2016 he formed a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) known as THE TRUE GREEN ALLIANCE (TGA) The purpose of TGA is to discredit the doctrine of animal rightism within the governments of Southern Africa (meaning the entire sub-continent of Africa), and within the public domain. Ron makes the very important distinction between “animal rights” and “animal welfare” of which he is a proponent of the latter.

Animal-Rightists intend to abolish all animal uses (both domestic and wild) by humankind; and to force humankind to subsist on a vegetable diet alone. In contrast, TGA believes that a true “Animal Welfare” philosophy accepts that animals provide many useful benefits to humankind and that civilization would be seriously diminished if society was denied the right to avail themselves of those uses. Though not yet two years old, TGA is probably better positioned to carry this argument onto the international stage than many organizations with a longer history.
Here’s why. Ron Thomson began his conservation career with the Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) National Parks & Wildlife Management Department in 1959. He is a university educated ecologist and for 20 years was a Chartered Biologist for the European Union. Mr. Thomson has over 55 years of hands-on experience in wildlife management, national park administration and African big game hunting. Moreover, Mr. Thomson is a prolific writer on hunting and conservation issues and speaks and writes in international forums about the inter-connectedness of these two topics.

Please check out the website of TGA at They also have a Facebook page and we hope you will “Like” them while visiting. Please join TGA as well as other organizations that support our collective right to hunt such as Safari Club International, Dallas Safari Club and The National Rifle Association. You will find links to these organizations on our website.

To review a list of Mr. Thomson’s exciting books regarding his extensive hunting career, as well as his books on basic conservation principles, please log onto his website: As hunters, it is important that we understand and can explain basic conservation principles to those who do not hunt. Mr. Thomson’s book “Managing Our Wildlife Heritage” is a well-written primer that every enthusiastic hunter/conservationist should own. Please purchase and read it in order to be well-prepared to make the argument that all of us should be prepared to make in defense of our sport.

***(Not to be confused with Ron Thompson of Primero Conservation and formerly with the Arizona Game & Fish Department in the US)

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